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South American Diaries

South American Diaries

Did you know cenotes in Mexico were used in ancient times for sacrificial purposes? Mayans believed that these giant sinkholes were passages to the underworld. Nowadays there are open mainly for tourists and divers. Occasionally before entering cenote you can meet a healer who will burn incense to bless you and clean negative energy. By arriving early we had a chance to have the place for ourselves. Go and get that feeling you are in the centre of the Earth. 

picture below – Cenote Suytun, Yucatán, Mexico

Almost 660 glaciers and 300 lagoons are forming Huascarán National Park – the highest tropical mountain range in the world with the highest peak at 6,768 above the sea level. It probably takes a lifetime to explore everything there and hike all these trials! Well, we had only 5 days but still made the most of it. Laguna Paron and Laguna 69 are one of the most beautiful lakes I have ever seen in my life. While everyone is going to Cusco and Arequipa, north of Peru remains not touristy at all.

pictures below – Huaraz, Peru

One of the most beautiful snow pyramids in the world. Now I know where the Paramount Pictures logo comes from Artesonraju can be climbed in 3 or 4 days round trip, starting from Laguna de Paron. Despite the altitude the views are stunning, the lake is a highlight in itself.

pictures below – Laguna Paron, Peru

Huacachina is only one natural oasis is Peru. This relatively unknown spot is surrounded by massive sand dunes. The best time is to visit in the afternoon, hike up and experience incredible sunset view. Additionally there are tours offering sand boarding experience

pictures below Huacachina, Ica,Peru

Hiking Acatenango has been on my bucketlist since I started to plan my trip to Guatemala. The two day trek consisted of 6 hours of exhausting hike to the base camp. Then, we had to wake up 4:30 am and hike another 1,5 h to the summit. I almost missed the sunrise but tour guide encouraged me to push myself and I made one of the most rewarding things in my life.

pictures below Volcano Acatenango, Guatemala

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